Boroughbridge Community Charity

We are a small community support organisation, governed by a Board of Trustees and legally constituted as a Registered Charity (No: 1171451). We exist to support residents and communities in the rural market town of Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, and its 32 surrounding villages, prioritising support for those in most need. 

We help to provide a focus for community action, local intelligence-gathering and bring money and resources into our community from the Local Authority, external funders and other agencies.  We provide:

  • a forum and venue for local community-focussed discussions, and a voice for local people
  • volunteering opportunities which promote active citizenship/social action, and support community resilience and community wealth
  • partnership work to support the activities and sustainability of other local voluntary and community groups, and brokerage to encourage others to deliver services and support for our community
  • a conduit for the public sector to engage with the community and vice versa

We aim to be the known and “go-to” organisation for Boroughbridge and District residents with unmet needs and issues.

To find out more about our services, go to Local Services

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